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Tricolor Hognose (MSL2223)

Tricolor Hognose (MSL2223)

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This beautiful Tri Color Hognose snake hatched out this past April.

This species may be the perfect pet snake! This hognose species is native to South America and have a lot of personality.  They like to spend most of their time burrowed underground but are active and curious when being handled. Unlike many hognose species, these hognoses do not play dead when they feel threatened. Instead, they flatten out their necks and rattle their tail. They will also make quick jerky movements and thrash about to try and intimidate. (It's kind of cute and funny when you understand what they are doing). 

Despite their behavior they are very reluctant to bite. I've personally never even been struck at by this species. The only time that a bite may occur is if they mistake a hand for food; and they love to eat. To avoid an accidental bite, it's recommended you use feeding tongs to feed.  

I've been keeping this species for about 4 years now and absolutely love them. The species typically lives for approximately 8 years so it's not a 20+ year commitment like many other snakes. 

Will often take frozen/thawed fuzzy mice but will almost never refuse live. 

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