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The Molinaro Snake Lab

Childrens Python (MSL2123)

Childrens Python (MSL2123)

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This little one is an amazing snake. She is friendly, curious and enjoys climbing. 

Childrens pythons make excellent pet snakes. They are easy to keep, typically docile, do not get very large, and are great eaters. 

They are active snakes with personality! They typically grow to be 3 or 4 feet in length and have a relatively slim build. Making them easy to manage and not require a huge enclosure. Children's pythons are named after John Children the scientist that first documented/discovered them. They are native to Australia and give off big python vibes in a little body. 

Feeding on live fuzzy mice.  

Hatched 4/25/2023


*I can't guarantee the sex but I believe is a female)

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